Don’t Be An Emperor – Learning to Accept Feedback

Like all life skills, learning to be great on camera takes hard work and practice. It doesn’t come naturally to most people, and that’s okay. The only way to learn from mistakes is to accept feedback and put it into action. Easier said than done!

Corporate Executive or Clueless Emperor?

“The Emperor’s New Clothes” is a cautionary fable for the pitfalls of pride. A vain monarch is tricked into wearing ‘invisible clothes’ two swindlers have made for him. He appears naked in front of his whole city because he is too proud to admit he doesn’t see the clothes. In today’s corporate uses, the Emperor refers to a clueless senior executive who is blind to something that is obvious to everyone else. But with a strong team behind you, you don’t have to be an Emperor.

Criticism Can Be Constructive

Most companies have a dedicated corporate communications or PR team who understand how to give constructive criticism. They can suggest ways to enhance your story and help you deliver a more authentic video performance. But that relationship is a two way street—your team will only be able to help you if they feel safe enough to offer feedback without suffering consequences. When you refuse outside input, you may be unable to see a problem that others consider a blatant issue. This, in turn, leads to ego-stroking support from a jaded team.

Feedback Drives Employee Performance

Sean Kelly, CEO of SnackNation, believes that CEOs who know how to effectively utilize feedback are the best at driving performance. SnackNation has created a symbiotic relationship between their employees and top leadership through monthly Q&A sessions. Employees can ask anonymous, open-ended questions and receive transparent, honest answers.

When leaders allows themselves to be vulnerable with a team, their relationship is founded on trust and honesty. And, of course, the best brand videos are told by trustworthy, honest leaders. When you prepare for your next on-camera performance, invite your support team to give you some feedback—and then listen to it.

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