Using Video to Lead Through Any Crisis

“In a crisis, people need reasons to believe in their leaders.”

This is the driving force behind Tribe Pictures’ corporate communications videos. Delivering messaging from leaders directly to their people. Messages that relay trust, display empathy, provide answers.

Deliver Belief Stories through Video for Direct Impact

Forbes outlines three types of “belief” stories you convey in times of crisis. First, a “calling story” illustrates that you can lead your people through anything. Second, a “values story” demonstrates the actions you take to demonstrate your values. And third, a “vision story” proves you’re headed in the right direction, together.

The belief story you choose to tell will inform the way your message is delivered. In many cases, crisis communications should come right from leadership. While a newsletter might have room for lots of detail in a situation, words on a page can feel inhuman at a time that requires empathy.

Video is an ideal way for corporate leaders to send a controlled yet authentic message to a large audience. With a direct-to-camera speaker style, execs can reach right into the hearts of their audience. This style simulates direct eye contact and conversation. And your message can be delivered on a mass scale.

The strongest leaders are those that are able to build trust with their people. A sincere message can get people on board and build their faith in a positive outcome.

With a message rooted in one of these belief stories and professional corporate video execution, you will be a guiding light out of the darkness.

Avoid Bad Crisis Videos

However, bad crisis messaging can be worse than no message at all. A video that dances around the topic will leave viewers feeling unsatisfied. A poor message delivery from your leader might appear untrustworthy or deceitful.

Sometimes, the very elements of video that make it so successful can also be its downfall. With video, your message can reach far and wide—but a bad video can be shared out of your control, far beyond your target audience. It’s imperative that you take care when delivering your message via a permanent medium.

Creating Corporate Solutions Videos with a Professional Production Company

Your top priority in crisis video messaging is to lift the concern off the shoulders of your audience. Address the crisis according to your values and leave no room for questions.

In times of crisis, you may need a third party to step in. When you hire a professional production company to make your video or assist your broadcast, you’re hiring a coach. The director will ensure your words, performance, and visual cues match the sentiment of your messaging.

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