Utilizing Emotion for Effective Corporate Video

A screenshot from a Tribe Pictures production for BASF featuring an employee walking outside

Working in the corporate world, we’ve all been exposed to bad video. The presentations that are meant to energize and excite end up putting you to sleep. While these videos may have contained valuable information, they were missing one essential element: emotion.

But video productions don’t have to compromise the effectiveness of a business video by including emotion. In fact, the emotions we convey through storytelling are what draw viewers in. Audiences retain over 90% of information presented in video, as opposed to about 10% of just text. Virtually all of today’s companies utilize B2B video as a marketing tool, and the vast majority of those companies report positive results.

Change Viewers Minds with Emotional Video Storytelling

A company creating a video for their stakeholders first need to define the desired outcome of that video. What will success look like – are you changing minds, increasing sales, recruiting the best talent, resolving an issue? When developing the story, consider what emotions will lead your audience to that outcome.

Corporate recruiting videos used to entice new job applicants will probably land somewhere in the range of motivating and exciting. But to elevate your recruiting video, you might share the story of a difficult career journey. The fears and concerns of that individual are not only what led them to your company, but they are what make them an impactful employee. People identify with the story of a struggle that ends in success, which is why this is such an effective strategy for employer brand videos.

When Tribe created a series of recruiting films for BASF, we shared Marcus’s story. He felt lost trying to find a career after leaving the military. But the pride of his past and his determination for his future created a deeply emotional story—one that potential applicants of all backgrounds can connect to.

Emotional Connection as a Catalyst for Action

The emotional elements in any video are what compel you to act—not numbers. So it’s a necessary talent to balance the hard facts with emotion. Information might pique a viewer’s interest, but if the film doesn’t engage their humanity, it won’t sustain that interest. It won’t draw them in. People want meaning, want a cause they can identify with, want something to belong to. That’s what emotional aspects of a corporate video accomplish.

A skilled corporate video production team understands how to draw these emotions out from your talent. Oftentimes, a leader comes prepared to share the facts and figures of the story. It’s up to the director to reshape the interview into something compelling and engaging. This might look like vulnerable anecdotes of failure and conflict; a reflection on their personal connection to the company mission; the inclusion of key team members who have made a major impact.

These additions not only bring more emotion into the story—they also humanize your organization’s leader. Presenting leadership solely as stately statues of a corporate entity isn’t what attracts employees, investors, clients and stakeholders; a business built by drive, teamwork and shared values does. Adding these emotion and compassion-based features of your company into your story will take your corporate film from just another piece of educational material to an invaluable tool that elevates your brand.

Tribe created a video for Intercept Pharmaceuticals to announce the completion of a new trial. We revealed the compelling human story behind the data and bench science, with all its setbacks, occasional doubts and moments of brilliant revelation.

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