Video is the Key to Employee Productivity

Video has the power to inspire, connect, and motivate. Moving visuals, powerful interviews, and emotional music combine to tell a story that can change the way your employees feel about your company. Video’s staying power is why we believe it is one of the most powerful forces for a productive workforce.

Video Connects Employees to Company Core Values

A carefully crafted video tells the right story to the right audience in the most impactful way. A video can condense the history of a corporation or summarize a long project journey in seconds. It can shape a unique company culture that celebrates your workplace and its people.
Many employees appreciate hearing directly from leadership about your corporation’s central values in action. You might also want to include interviews with employees at all levels who exemplify core values in their daily work.
Employees that are invested in their company’s mission work harder to achieve it. We can all get caught up in the day-to-day minutiae of our jobs. So a video that reinforces your company’s values, mission, and culture can go a long way toward overall employee productivity.

Video Can Re-Motivate Data-Based Company Goals

The mission statement your company sets guides all of its long-term strategies. It’s key to driving motivation at all levels of the company. But missions are often broken down into more tangible goals for shorter-term daily operations.
While it is easier to track goals based on facts and figures, employees can feel disconnected and uninvested over time. Your mission statement can feel flat when the motivation to reach it lacks emotional investment.
This is where video steps in. Remind employees what impact their work has on the outside community. Interviews can bring a face to the mission statement. The emotional impact of video can reignite the spark that your workforce needs to reach your company goals.
Montefiore Medical Center hired Tribe to create some impact films with real patients. We were able to capture the real-life impact of medical treatments. It serves as an incredible motivator to all who donate to, research with, and treat patients at Montefiore.

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