Video Preparation is a Two-Way Street

CEOs and leaders often have busy and constantly filling calendars, so you may underestimate the time it will take to shoot your video. Of course, nailing an on-camera performance involves more than just memorizing your lines. If you allow each member of the production team enough time to prepare properly, including yourself, you will arrive on set ready for success.

Get Your Head in the Game

I’ve spoken many times about the “greatness mind-set.” Most on-camera performers have developed their own pre-shoot interview routine. This might include clearing your head to reduce stress. Or you might speak with your team to strengthen your self-assurance. And there might be a physical element to your preparation, like a power pose or some stress-busting exercise. If you’re ready to perform, you’ll be in the best position to help the rest of your corporate video team prepare, too.

The Director Guides the Performance

Like a coach perfecting a player’s game, the director helps strengthen your performance and achieve’s your video’s creative goals. Your message is strengthened by your confidence and tone. And a well-prepared director knows the material as well as you do, so you can work in sync to improve your performance without stress. If you arrive with a lengthy message, directors know how to zero in on important points and distill a long script into short, powerful words. And the director creates a sacred space on set where you can give the most authentic, compelling performance possible.

Communications Team Supports The Mission

Your corporation’s communications team are experts on the goals of your video. They know how to handle the subject, whether it’s an exciting acquisition or merger announcement, an informative training video for incoming staff, or an encouraging recruiting campaign. This team provides you the important facts and figures that the director will help you shape into a story. With a pre-prepped internal team on your side, they will ensure your video aligns with the values of your company.

The Production Crew Brings the Video to Life

When the production crew has sufficient time to set up, they are able to scout out the best locations to convey your message. If your shoot is crunched for time, you may end up shooting in an unflattering location. Your location should be ideal for important factors like camera placement, lighting options, and clear sound.

Video Preparation is a Two-Way Street

Or maybe it’s more of a multi-lane intersection. At first glance, it can seem chaotic or daunting. But when everyone flows in the right direction, your video shoot will be smooth sailing.

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