Video’s Superpowers During Corporate Mergers

Corporate mergers and acquisitions can be stressful times for all parties involved. Despite an overall positive outcome for your company, there will be many questions to answer throughout the process.

One way to reduce the anxiety and uncertainty that comes with restructuring is to prioritize open communication with video.

Video Proactively Quells Employee Concerns

Open communication during a merger or acquisition is crucial to ensure a smooth transition. Proactive messaging can be a great way to get ahead of concerns and calm stakeholders’ nerves.

When messaging is sent as video, leaders are able to connect directly with viewers. The camera picks up every expression and mannerism—and leaders should use this to their advantage. The microexpressions on a leader’s face.

Additionally, hearing a leader’s voice and the tone of their message can be more impactful than an email. More emotion is conveyed with an audio-visual message than through text. During times of uncertainty, the last thing any communications team wants is for their messaging to be misconstrued.

Additionally, mergers and acquisitions are timely events. Video is a great way to send a well-executed message instantly across all communication channels. Whether you’re utilizing a company intranet or public social platforms, video is an accessible medium to reach your most important audience exactly when you need to.

Live Video Reinforces Transparency

Live video is another great way to facilitate open communication during this period of structural change. Conducting a live video announcement will ensure that employees feel respected and kept up-to-date.

Open communication also allows both parties to voice their concerns and expectations. You’ll be able to gather valuable feedback while also avoiding misunderstandings and conflicts. Employees that feel heard and valued are more likely to stick with the company through periods of change. A video call Q&A can build trust between the two companies, which is essential for a successful merger or acquisition.

Re-Establish Company Culture on Video

One of the largest day-to-day impacts of an acquisition or merger is a shift in the company culture. Oftentimes, it’s a challenge to combine the unique cultures of two companies into one. A brand video can help showcase what the new culture will look and feel like and secure employee buy-in from day one. Not only will this boost morale among your teams, but it can also have a great impact on productivity.

And for external audiences who may have questions, video can build excitement about the merger or acquisition. Social media platforms, your company website, and email blasts are all excellent ways to share the news with video.

Tribe Pictures has made films that celebrate employee social groups, incredible benefits packages, and all of the other ways that your new combined culture can improve the lives of your collective workforce.

Introduce New Leadership with Executive Video Profiles

Video is also a great way to introduce the new leadership team after the merger or acquisition strategy has been finalized. Video’s ability to shrink space and time makes it an ideal tool for fast and consistent communication. Your incoming management can explain the vision and goals of the merger to your whole company at once—whether your employees work in a hybrid setting or across oceans.

Video is an essential tool for a successful corporate merger or acquisition. It can be used to introduce new leadership, explain the vision and goals of the merger, and showcase the strengths and culture of both companies. Let video do the heavy lifting so your team can get to work leading your company to success through the transition.

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