The success parameters of your company video

November 29th, 2021 Tribe Pictures

What does success look like when creating a video?

How do you know all the work you’re putting into your company’s video will be worth it? What is the return on investment, and how will you measure it?

Without identifying the success parameter of your video first, it’s hard to know whether you reached it later on. Here’s how a few of our clients measured their success.

Track change with leadership videos

There are many reasons to put your executive leadership front and center in a video. They’re often the face of the brand, or a strong spokesperson for your mission and values. A talented speaker will frame the company in a professional and positive light. Leaders are essential tools to build trust with both internal and external audiences, like potential clients or current employees.

The purpose of your video will inform how you track its success. If your goal is to impress potential investors with your achievements over the past year, video will prove that your business is in the right hands.

On the other hand, if you’re introducing a new executive leader to your company, your current employees might be wary at first. One of the incredible powers of using video is that you can communicate a consistent message anytime, anywhere. With video, employees can hear the inspirational and motivational message directly from the leader’s mouth.

Return on investment for employee engagement videos

This year, we’re working on an end-of-year video for a pharmaceutical client that celebrates the incredible innovation of their whole team. Employees in every department have shown unprecedented dedication through the pandemic. With their video, they plan to recognize a few significant achievements not on the executive level, but among the lab technicians, customer service representatives, and logistics team.

For them, their success parameter is the trust they are able to build with employees. Let’s put that into tangible terms: When employees feel recognition for their efforts, they perform their jobs better and stick with the company longer.