Building your Custom Corporate Video Library

When you hire a production company to make your brand film or corporate communications, they’re going to create a great video specifically for your needs. But is your video disposable after just one use? Or are you investing in a long-term, renewable asset?

Videos should be multipurpose

What people don’t realize when commissioning a video is that you might be able to use your footage again in the future. Some clients are searching for a high concept video with metaphors and unique visuals. That kind of video may have a great result right now. But it won’t have a single piece of footage you’re ever going to use again.

The best footage is evergreen

Think of each shot as another element in your brand’s custom library. Exterior building shots, displays of your products, corporate workspaces and employees at work are often ‘evergreen.’ 
B-roll footage from your recruiting video can be repurposed for a training video, or any other, at no extra cost. When you gather these materials over time what you’re buying isn’t single-use, but multipurpose.

Save on money and time

Right from the start, plan your videos with that library in mind. Many companies have offices in cities around the country or around the world. When the production team shoots strategically, your company saves time and money. This way, when planning your next brand film, you can draw up footage from your library instead of sending your video crew all around the world again.

Annual Review—Video That Lives On Year after Year

Tribe created a video for Hubbell’s Annual Review website that celebrates the growing business. The video supplies a powerful overview of the company’s strengths, spirit and philosophy throughout 2015. But what it doesn’t do is limit the video to just that year. As you watch, imagine all the other ways the b-roll shots can be reused for future videos:

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