Investor relations video to stand out

If your investor relations communication feels more like an obligation than an opportunity for engagement, it might be time to rethink your strategy. Video is one of the best ways to liven up investor communications, whether that’s touching base through email or showcasing your year-end presentation to an audience-filled venue.

Tribe Pictures has helped clients achieve several different goals with a custom tailored investor relations video. Not only are they effective for storytelling—investor relations videos offer a strong ROI compared to other investor communications strategies.

Video Captivates Audiences with Emotion and Humanity

Before 2020, you likely attended a company conference that dragged on for days and featured dry speakers. Those panels and PowerPoints are an archaic way to share information with stakeholders, and they often fail to hold the audience’s attention.

Investor relations videos have the power to captivate investors in a way that traditional methods cannot. Video is dynamic and visually appealing. It’s a more efficient way to deliver information, and proven to be much more memorable, too.

Video is the ideal platform to convey important information about the company’s performance, strategy, and future prospects. The combination of compelling visuals, clear messaging through interviews or voiceovers, and reinforcing texts or graphics just can’t be beat.

Strategies for Making a Lasting Impression with Video

Almost magically, video can speak right to the heart of a viewer. There are many techniques a director can employ to make this happen. Your company’s communications strategy and guidelines will inform decisions made in the video processes as well.

First and foremost, you need to know your audience. Are you speaking to long-term investors who have witnessed your company’s history in the making? Or are these potential viewers brand new to you? Either way, the video you create is going to enhance the audience’s emotional experience by showing them the real work being done and its fruitful outcomes.

Your video may have more impact on the individual investor if the speaker addresses the camera directly. For videos shared remotely, this is often the best strategy to maintain a sense of connection without being in the same room as someone.

Secondly, there are some important production elements to consider. Where you choose to shoot the video will convey a specific tone. The music you choose will influence the video’s tone—when chosen well, it can tug at the heart and build up your audience’s emotional connection.

Enhancing Engagement with Corporate Investors

Investor relations videos offer more than just information—they provide an experience that leaves a lasting impression. A well-crafted video can showcase the company’s strengths, achievements, and target goals in a concise and impactful manner. Your video should feel unique to your company. That might include behind-the-scenes footage to showcase culture, infrastructure, or innovative processes.

Companies can effectively communicate their value proposition and strengthen their connection with investors. Viewers are left with a memorable and positive perception of the company. And maybe most importantly, the efficiency of video storytelling will shorten your investor day presentation—giving your most important people their crucial time back.

Normally, investor days feature presentations from key leadership. For those who get stage fright or haven’t mastered public speaking, video is an ideal way to allow leaders to address the room without being live. A professional communications team will prepare your leader for success. They will pare down their talking points and alleviating stress around the filming. The right director will bring your leader’s personality out, so their on-camera appearance can have the most humanity and audience impact.

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