Measuring Corporate Video Success – Return on Investment, Inspiration, Imagination

With video at the forefront of marketing all across the board, it’s important to understand whether your endeavors are turning a profit. Your corporation’s return on investment for great communications strategies can take many forms. Rather than a dollar-to-dollar measurement, consider the other valuable impacts your video will yield. I define these as return on investment and return on imagination.

Return on Investment: Market Your Values

The value generated by your corporate video may not only be defined by calculated metrics. For the past century, world leaders have seen investments in communications pay off immeasurably.

President John F. Kennedy invested in the power of film, following the advice of director Arthur Penn. His strategy arguably won him the election. During his presidential debates with Richard Nixon, Kennedy looked straight into the lens of the camera. He projected authenticity and confidence directly to the American people.

In the same way, corporate video communicates your values. The emotional and tonal aspects of film connect with your audience in ways that a PDF or PowerPoint deck just can’t match.

Return on Inspiration: Enhance Company Culture

When a corporation prioritizes transparent and consistent communication within all levels of their staff, they see real improvements. In fact, Change Communication expert Annique Simpson says this is the year of “humanity.” Companies that prioritize the behavioral, psychological, and social aspects of the workplace in their communications strategies will create an authentic and open company culture. Internal communications videos are great tool for executives to build that company culture. Knowing that leaders care about them, are honest, and are invested in their futures keeps talented staff from walking out the door.

Looking to materialize the concepts of “company culture” and “employee engagement” for remote work, CEO John Goulding created Workvivo. The employee communications platform aims to “increase engagement and makes staff happier at work.” Workvivo combines the community-building aspects of social media with the productivity of work applications like Slack and Outlook. Goulding hopes it’ll help bring employees back together during remote work.

Return on Imagination: Mobilize Your Tribe

A picture is worth a thousand words. How valuable is a moving picture with music, interviews, diagrams, design mockups, and more? A Forrester study finds that a one-minute video might equal 1.8 million words. If your video can help people visualize what the future might look like. Or they can visualize how your company, school, project, or initiative is going to influence and shape society, people will embrace your message as their message.

Return…to the Workplace

Video remains in the spotlight as CEOs navigate work life in a post-pandemic world. Live video opens the door for valuable ROI, from virtual town halls to rapid information sharing as industries change seemingly by the hour. Step up your internal communications game with a great brand film and track improvements with the 3 ROIs—Investment, Inspiration, and Imagination.

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