Meet Your Film Crew

Professional film sets can have hundreds of crew members, while a small video shoot may only have a handful. Awards shows like this weekend’s Golden Globes can’t thank everyone involved in a production. When your company makes you the face of their next corporate video, these are the production crew members you will most certainly get to know.


Second in command behind the director, the producer interfaces with your team to make sure the goals of your project are met. Their job is to make sure everything runs smoothly, and that nothing is missed, like a crucial camera shot or an interview question. They are timekeepers, crew wranglers, and, quite frankly, miracle workers. Great films don’t exist without great producers.

Director of Photography

This title is interchangeable with cameraman, but they do more than switch a camera on and off. The director of photography is responsible for the visual look of the video. They frame the camera shots to suit the tone of the video in concert with the director’s vision, and they make lighting choices to shape your face in the most engaging way possible.

Production Manager

From creating the shooting and production schedules, booking flights and hotels, and coordinating crew, the production manager is the logistics master. They make sure permits and permissions are in order to avoid any legal bumps during the shoot.

Lighting Team

The film nomenclature for the lighting person is gaffer. This person work with the director of photograph to select, assemble, and rough out the positions for the lights and reflectors. They handle all the electrical work. If needed, a grip may be present to move lighting equipment and set up stands. A best boy is the person who assists everyone on the lighting team.


It might sound counterintuitive, but the makeup artist’s job is to make you look natural on camera. They cover anything that might be distracting or unsightly. This might include flyaway hairs, blemishes, or bags under your eyes from the long flight this morning. They don’t want you to appear sweaty under all those bright lights.

Production Assistant

The production assistant is the catch-all junior person who saves the day for everyone on set. They may pick up crew at the airport, schlep gear, relay info from one team to another, or any other task needed of someone. Many times, they are beginning their career in film. They will be the first to arrive, work the hardest, and are last to leave.

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