People-First Storytelling Wins Audience Trust

Companies are more than data, products, and services—companies are people. So whether you’re highlighting the achievements of the past year or announcing a new initiative, the people who are making that impact should be the ones to tell it.

Tribe strives for human-first storytelling. Our methods are customized for each client video, but we have a few favorite strategies for achieving this.

Cast the Right People to Hook Your Audience

We spend a lot of time carefully casting each video before we go out and shoot. The people you put in your video are essential to achieving the best outcome.

We love to work with people who have been through the company journey. These are the storytellers that make your company come alive and feel like more than just a talking head in front of a nice background.

The other characteristic we look for when casting is to find employees that reflect your company values. They show up and deliver in the ways that matter most.

Honor The Identities in Your Company Culture

When we created a series for BASF’s BELONG campaign, we sought out employees that fostered communities around their identities – as members of the LGBTQ+ community, veterans, or parents.

These stories of triumph and community building are what strengthen connection with their companies, and in turn, this fosters positive associations from your audience.

In creating this video series, we considered the unique circumstances that people faced as part of their journey. Oftentimes, the challenges people overcome throughout their lives make them better coworkers, mentors, employees.

Pharmaceutical, industrial, and chemical industries in particular might struggle to display a human connection in their messaging. Tribe centers the people that are making progress and change in company videos. They can tell the real story of your company better than anyone.

Whether you’re recruiting top talent, navigating a merger, or redefining your brand, human-first communication is key.

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