The Conversational CEO: Direct-To-Interviewer Corporate Video

Videos shot in the direct-to-interviewer make viewers aware that your subject is having a conversation with someone else. Whether the interviewer is on- or off-camera, this approach can spark a powerful connection with your audience as they witness your passion in conversation.

The Speaker Maintains Control

Many leaders don’t feel comfortable speaking directly to a camera. This approach eases some performance pressure by creating a comfortable conversational environment. They are speaking to someone and a camera just so happens to be rolling. Unlike interview style television shows like 60 Minutes where the interviewer is in charge of the conversation, the CEO will have total control of the direction of the questions asked and tone of the interview. And just like any pre-taped video, the production team will edit a long interview down to a few powerful minutes.

The Interviewer: On or Off Camera?

There are benefits to either approach. During an on-camera interview, the audience observes the conversation. The goal is for the interviewer to help the executive communicate their message in an organic conversation. The relaxed style allows the leader’s real personality to shine through. The video below is an example of an on-camera discussion where I explain the three ways to put a leader on camera.

The Conversational Executive Approach

An off-camera interview is a one-way conversation between the leader and director. Viewers don’t see the director, and all questions are edited out of the final video. For this Stanley Black & Decker Video, I asked questions off-camera. Each employee spoke freely about their strengths and personal growth in their departments. We wove their interviews between exciting b-roll, and the final result is a showcase of Stanley Black & Decker’s diversity and global reach.

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