Allow Video To Build Your Corporate Legacy

Every piece of media your company creates is a step toward building your legacy. That’s why it’s imperative that all branded media—internal communications, advertisements, social media—supports the story of your corporation. They are digital signposts that display the history of your leadership, actions, and attitudes toward things.

Be Recognized For Your Video Stories

Companies that become great at telling their story, and do so consistently, are most widely recognized for what they stand for. People gravitate toward honesty. Let the truth of your corporation speak through the videos you produce. Hess is one company that consistently uses video to send strong brand messages and enhance their industry legacy.

Establish Your Legacy Through Video Over Time

Of course, building your corporate legacy is not only attractive for your internal culture, but your greater community. Each time you connect with your tribe, it’s an opportunity for them to make an informed choice. Your audience learns what kind of company they’ll be doing business with, what kind of investment they’ve made, and whether or not they want to work with you. Create an environment where people really want to follow you, not just purchase your products or utilize your services.

Video Humanizes To Build Trust

A brand film is an excellent opportunity to share goals and morals with transparency. Invite the outside world into your state of the art facilities. Showcase employees that excel both in the work place and in their personal philanthropy. Humanize executives with a candid on-camera appearance about their successes and failures. It all starts in that journey to authenticity that allows you to be the best you can be on camera.

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